Donic Bluestorm BigSlam Ref. G11766

The Sound Machine

Middle pored sponge, new lighter sponge technology. 42.5° sponge, Bluestorm?s softest variation.

Bluestorm Big Slam, the fifth version completes the series. For players who like the speed glue sound of earlier days, this is the soft variation and a great alternative. The extremely thin high tension top surface rubber, in combination with a new lighter sponge technology, ensures the best-ever feel.
Productnaam Prijs Aantal
  Donic Bluestrom BigSlam Rood 1.9
€ 49,90
  Donic Bluestrom BigSlam Rood 2.1
€ 49,90
  Donic Bluestrom BigSlam Rood Max+
€ 49,90
  Donic Bluestrom BigSlam Zwart 1.9
€ 49,90
  Donic Bluestrom BigSlam Zwart 2.1
€ 49,90
  Donic Bluestrom BigSlam Zwart Max+
€ 49,90

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Merken DONIC
Land van het merk
Soort ALL+
Thickness Nee
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness Soft
Kleur Nee
Butterfly technology Nee